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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Match Released!

Hello again my dear readers! As promised, my match with Fabrice, the twinky French terror, is out on the BG East website! Check it out by clicking on the image on the right or follow this link to get to the match page! Enjoy! And as always, let me know what you think :)

Sunday, 17 July 2016


Hello again my dear readers! How are you? I've been extraordinarily busy in the past few months which explains my lack of posting. Working 6 days a week and having only one free day to do the rest of what needs doing (laundry and such menial tasks) leaves me little time to actually sit down at the computer and type out a new blog post. On top of that, after many attempts at repairing my old computer, I finally gave in and bought a new one so I'm finally back up to normal processing capacity (typing entries on a slow laptop is nothing compared to typing on a desktop Cadillac like I now have).

All that aside, I have a new match coming out to the general public but that is currently only available on the Arena! I take on my twinky-terror recruit, the French boy Fabrice! I hinted in a recent post that perhaps I might be taking him on and sure enough I have. It was a hot match to film and hopefully you all enjoy it. Take a look at it on the Arena if you're members and let me know what you think! I'll post the direct link to the match page in my matches column when the match gets officially released.

Other than that, I'm trying to squeeze matches in where I can during this hectic period of time. I've been lucky to have a few visitors come by the city and give me a good bout or two. I'm also looking to potentially travel a bit at the end of the summer if I can have some time and money to do so. Things are lining up ok on that front so far but now's the time to make your pitch if you think that I should make a stop down in your city! Give me a good reason to come down, list the things to see and throw me a challenge for a match if you think you can take me on ;)

And on that brief note my dears, I have to run. It is my one day off after all and I have got to get shit done! And hell, maybe catch a pokemon or two while I'm running around...did I ever mention that I'm a big geek at heart? :P

Friday, 29 April 2016


After a long absence, hello once again my dear readers! It's been a busy few months, but my most recent semester is finally done. I've spent the past 3-4 months studying and working a total of 7 days a week and have finally earned a little bit of downtime to write a new post and take a little vacation time to recharge my batteries.

Some of you have been writing to me to ask about upcoming matches on BG East. Truth be told, us wrestlers are usually unaware of the release schedules of the matches we film. Often times, matches of ours get released out of chronological order. Sometimes though, they're released in nearly perfect sequence. It's a toss up really. All this to say that yes, I have other matches coming out in the foreseeable future but have no idea about when they will be released exactly.

That being said, there is a match that was just released that I did have some part in making happen. Two new recruits that I found in my hometown have made their debut in Catalog 113. They are the tall-and-twinky-terror Fabrice and the ripped-to-shreds-stud Payton Meadows. I've had to keep my lips sealed about these guys for a while, but they finally have made their first appearance on the BG mats and website. I've known both guys for a little while and have had the pleasure of having some private rumbles with them in the past as well.

I actually texted both the minute I saw their match pop up on the site and they were thrilled. Payton was even nervous about his match asking me "Do you think they'll want me to do more matches?" to which I replied "You're the cover-boy you idiot! I think they like you and will be asking you to film again!"

So for the sake of encouraging them, if you happen to catch their match on Undagear 25 and feel like giving them a shout, post a comment here or send me an e-mail and I'll let them know what you think! I'm sure both will make a fine addition to the BG stable in the long-run :)

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Tech Trouble and Tanking Dollars

Hello my dear and long neglected readers! I'm sorry its been so long since my last post! I've been incredibly busy with school in the past little while and have had very little free time to write. Add to that not 1 but 2 computers in need of repairs I can't currently afford and you have a perfect storm of no-posting happening. That being said, all is well in my life right now. Lined up a lot of things in my personal life that are starting to go well. Have an internship lined up for my summer (which is in my filed of study) and am getting through this semester pretty nicely.

The one thing that has me a bit down since last fall is the falling value of the Canadian currency. This may not mean much to you my American readers, but with the value of the Canadian dollar being so low (roughly 1 dollar Canadian = 70 cents US) my future plans to travel down to the US to meet up with guys I know for matches are looking like they'll have to be postponed. This sucks for so many reasons. I mean I can't even go see my big muscled buddies Damien Rush and Morgan Cruise! *Sigh* I guess it'll have to wait til the dollar goes back up!

On the other hand, it's fantastic incentive for all of you Americans to come up to Montreal for a visit! Get a good slice of the European lifestyle of my home town at a fraction of the cost! And if you're lucky (and I'm not swamped with a ridiculous amount of work) you might just get the personal Ben Monaco tour guide experience :P

On that note, I'm hitting the gym and heading back to class! Will try and keep up with my posts and get some new pics up on here soon as well!

Monday, 16 November 2015

Life Imitating Art...(Part 2)

So to continue on the last post, I had an interesting episode at the gym this morning...

I ran into an acquaintance of mine, this middle-aged bodybuilder who I met this summer through common friends and, yet again, my job. This guy has an impressive physique. Big arms, tight abs and shoulders as broad as the prairie sky (good lord, I'm being poetic). Every time I've run into him at the gym or elsewhere, he's greeted me with a big muscled hug and a cheeky grin. He's originally from the west coast of the US. He's chatty, flirty and always a delight to talk to. I sort of had a sense that he had a bit of a crush on me despite him being in a relationship with a nearly-as-muscled man. 

I saw him last week at roughly the same time. He asked me about work, school etc. and he promise to come and see me at the store this past weekend. Well, as life sometimes gets in the way, he never dropped in. But as my earlier post can attest, I had my hands full already. So in the end it wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Regardless, when he saw me today he apologized profusely because he didn't want me to think of him as being flaky (a stereotype of west-coasters that he's been trying to avoid). In my own little flirty way, I told him it was OK but he better watch out because next time "I might beat him up" if he didn't show.

Now here's the fun part... He replies with a big smile "You promise?" He then launches into an unsolicited discourse about how much he loves wrestling, how he wrestled in high school, how he thinks it's amazingly hot and how he would wrestle me any day.

Seriously. I must have some good karma from a previous life or something. The first time I saw this guy, my mind went to wrestling as it does with just about any guy who catches my eye. But to have him flip the tables on shock. 

I quickly explained to him that I too shared his enthusiasm about the sport and briefly spoke about my work with BG East. We resolved to one day soon meet up and throw down on the mats. I bravely told him I would kick his ass. He flexed his biceps and pecs and replied "You sure about that?"

The lesson from these two stories for you, my dear readers, is to go out there and take chances. Had the little buff wrestler from my previous post kept quiet, we would have missed out on an amazing new friendship and a hot match. Had I not dared today to flirt in a semi-wrestling oriented way, I never would have discovered this bodybuilder's shared passion. 

So regardless of what it is in your life my dear readers, heed my advice: go out there and make your dreams happen :)

Life Imitating Art...(Part 1)

Some days, you get lucky.

Hello dear readers! I've had a rather interesting past couple of days that warrant a good blog post. As most of you have already read, I'm in a very busy stretch of existence since I'm back in school, completing another bachelor's. On top of those mental gymnastics, I'm also working part-time in a clothing store and currently have a grand total of 0 days off in my week. This has been a source of considerable exhaustion, but the semester is wrapping up and I'm soon going to be able to breathe for at least a few days. That being said, my life still has some interesting episodes that truly astound me.

When I chose the title of this post, I figured this was an appropriate title given that the events I'm about to go into sound quasi-scripted, almost like something out of a movie or someone's harlequin wrestling scenarios...if they existed :P

I was at work the other day, things were going along quite smoothly. Clients in, clients out, the basic kind of Friday afternoon I have grown accustomed to. Out of nowhere, like a gale force wind, these two guys blow into the store. Both seem friendly, charming, enthusiastic about their shopping endeavors. They're up from New York for the weekend to celebrate one of their birthdays. The birthday boy is zipping around, trying on some stuff, the other is far more concerned with his phone. He seemed to be looking up something...

They both end up trying things on. The birthday boy is set on a coat and a sweater. The shorter, buff one finds a light jacket after some failed attempts with some other items. One was a sweater whose sleeves were too tight, so tight in fact he said they were like "arm singlets" which I found to be a curious choice of words...

Finally, he comes up to me, flashes his cell at me and asks "Is this you?" and I immediately recognize the layout of and see my profile pic staring right back at me. "Why yes it is" I reply, a bit dumbfounded. Right away, my mind is running through profiles I remember. Who is this little buff stud? Finally we whisper to each other and I confirm that I know this guy. He tells me his friend knows about his wrestling-side so we wouldn't need to sugar coat things in front of him.

At the cash, he gives me his number and email. I write him asap. He writes back. I write back. He writes back... My day eventually ends and I meet up with the two for a night out. We have fun, I flirt with the little wrestler. Eventually, we end up saying good night to the birthday boy and...well...needless to say it was a hell of a hot match. A very, very, very late night match. So a perfectly normal afternoon turned into a crazy hot night. I'll definitely meet up with this little stud again one day for a rematch.

But this post is "Part 1" it would happen, a second event occurred today that promises to be very interesting as well...but more on that in the next post ;)

Friday, 16 October 2015


Hey there my dear readers! Just a quick post to let you know that my match with the very studly and ripped-to-shreds Chace LaChance is out on! Very much a hot match with a great ending :) As the match description says on the site, it ends with "the most sensuous finish the Wrestleshack has seen, at least with everybody's trunks on" so that should tell you that it's pretty steamy ;) Check it out by clicking on the link in the right column on the blog or go to and look it up on Wrestleshack 20! There's a lot of sexy matches out as well in Catalog 110 :) Give it a look guys and let me know what you thought of the match!